Our Team

The Sandriver Team not only boasts international creative designers and instructors, but also includes consultants from a variety of cultural backgrounds who jointly cooperate on brand development, production technology, sales and service.

World-renowned international design master, Junko Koshino

Former French President Francois Mitterrand Family Museum of Modern Art painter, Francesca Brenda – Mitterrand

Renowned Chinese designer and artist, Guo Hong (Sophie Guo)

R & D and Production Team

Our Technology Research & Development Center, located in Shanghai’s outer Jinshan District, has been in operation for 15 years. The aim of our technical team is simple: to focus on every detail of our products and processes. Traditional handicrafts, along with our long textile heritage, have further promoted their special techniques. By hand and ingenuity, our team aims to show the world that “Made in Shanghai” not only carries cultural connotations, but equivalates to meticulous precision, innovation and quality.

Technicians with a special focus on R & D and process development

STOLL machine operatives

The pursuit of the ultimate technical manual worker

Strictly controlling the quality of our Quality Inspection staff

Global Sales and Service Teams

Our sales centers located in China, Japan, France and Germany are all staffed by young fashion enthusiasts: they love cashmere, they love life, and serve as Sandriver’s official spokespersons.

Representatives of Germany’s (EU) E-commerce Services, After-sale Customer Service, and Management in our Europe showroom

Germany showroom manager, Dagmar, who oversees the EU showroom and online business

Chinese shop sales and service team members, who provide the most sincere and meticulous service to every guest who enters our shops.

Our global E-commerce Teams support customers worldwide who wish to buy their favorite Sandriver products through our official website. They offer Sandriver’s renowned considerate and enthusiastic service, and are also available to help handle any client problems, if needed.

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