Junko Koshino

Junko Koshino

Junko Koshino is an internationally renowned designer. Born in Osaka, Japan, Koshino studied design at Bunka Fashion College, and first entered the international fashion scene at the Paris Collection in 1978. Over several decades, she has shared her fashion creations the world over including Beijing in 1985, New York’s Metropolitan Museum in 1990, Hanoi in 1994, and Cuba in 1996, among many others.

In 2005, she held a design exhibition at Beijing’s Museum of Chinese History and Revolution, and in 2006, she received "Cavaliere dell’ Ordine della Stella della Solidarieta’ Italiana”, a prestigious award in Italy’s fashion scene. In 2008, she produced the opening reception and fashion show for the Japan Festival at the Kennedy Center in Washington D.C., and she was also appointed as the “YOKOSO! JAPAN” image ambassador for Shanghai’s World Expo 2010.

In 2012, she officially became the design director at Sandriver, where she oversees comprehensive brand building and design.

Koshino’s works range extensively, including that of opera costume design. Some of her credits include “The Magic Flute”, “Madame Butterfly”, “Pacific Overtures” and “Muscle Musical” (including interior design). She is also a keen follower of fashion ideas in developing countries, especially in China, where she was honored with the title of “International Communication Ambassador” by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport.

Koshino frequently uses circles, triangles and squares as her creative elements. She regards circles as the symbol of nature, while triangles and squares symbolize human civilization: as these three shapes asymmetrically fuse and conflict, exquisite harmony and balance are created.
Koshino also appreciates Sandriver’s love and respect for nature. In the eyes of Ms. Junko Koshino, Sandriver’s products not only illustrate the excellence and precision of cashmere artistry, but are also inspired by the connection of human beings and the natural world.

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