Francesca Mitterand

Francesca Mitterand

Born into a family of artists and most inspired by her father, Francesca has been passionate about painting since childhood. She was raised by her grandmother in Columbia, South America. Throughout her life, she frequently traveled to Central America, Europe, Lebanon, Morocco, and Asia. Francesca is known for revealing conflicts of cultures and people, violence, joy and pain in her artwork. Through heavy brushstrokes and conflicting color, her paintings express hope, resentment, love, happiness, human rights and violation.

Her paintings grasp at moments of transformation. Her portraits on the canvas express various types of human emotions - selfishness, happiness and love, and reveal exaggerated and distorted abstract facial expressions.

When preparing to begin each work of art, Francesca dedicates a significant amount of time on canvas base layers. Most connoisseurs would agree that her appreciation of “blank space” is a real challenge, both physically and emotionally. Her paintings are far from merely “decorative”, but rather they possess a fine and natural artistic blend with surrounding space. Some European connoisseurs have described Francesca’s works of art as “full of uniqueness and an allure of the modern form”.

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